About Us

The quintessential New York experience, Central Park is New York City’s lush retreat from the stresses of City life and a living masterpiece.

Central Park is New York City’s 843-acre backyard. It is a beloved and essential public space?that serves as?an escape from the stresses of the City, a place to play, relax, and breathe a little easier.?The Central Park Conservancy cares for the entire Park, making?sure?it?remains clean, beautiful, free, and open to all, every day.

Central Park Conservancy: Our Story

Conservancy employees tend to the largest and smallest details of the Park’s maintenance and restoration, while?seeking?innovative ways?to nurture and manage a living masterpiece that feels welcoming to our 42 million visitors each year.

Funded?primarily?by individual donations, the?nonprofit?Central Park Conservancy has created?a model?for other parks and green spaces to partner with the public to reclaim and enhance their neighborhoods and their cities by investing in the power of the natural environment.

Our Organization


The Conservancy’s board and senior leadership work together toward the common goal of preserving and enhancing Central Park for future generations.


Park History

The Conservancy was born in 1980 at a dire point in Central Park’s history, but the story begins more than 100 years earlier.