Always there for the Park, so the Park is always there for you.


Every New Yorker has a unique relationship with the Park.

Welcome to #myCentralPark, a celebration of our essential shared greenspace in the heart of New York City. Central Park has proven to be an invaluable resource during this challenging time, offering enough space and fresh air so that the resilient people of this city have a place to play, relax, and breathe a little easier. The Central Park Conservancy was formed by a group of New Yorkers dedicated to saving the Park from neglect. Since then, we’ve always been there to care for the Park…to replenish a flower bed, revive a lawn, or restore a fountain. And in turn, the Park has replenished, revived, and restored you.

Staff Stories

The Conservancy’s staff is committed to keeping the Park clean and accessible for all visitors and proud to help provide a place for mental and physical well-being.

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    Watch #myCentralPark: Story from Ivan

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    Watch #myCentralPark: Story from Tuan

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    Watch #myCentralPark: Story from Marshall

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    Watch #myCentralPark: Story from Diane

Join the Conversation

From leaf peeping in the North Woods to a stroll on the Mall, autumn in Central Park is a true New York experience. As the seasons change, so does our relationship with the Park—especially now. Tell us your favorite fall in Central Park stories, using the hashtag #myCentralPark. You can also share your #myCentralPark story by submitting it here.

Enjoy Central Park from home

Central Park can still provide joy from afar! Take a virtual stroll, download a discovery kit, or take part in a special program.

How you can help

Conservancy staff continues to work in the Park daily, to ensure the Park is clean and open to all, now and always. As the nonprofit that cares for the Park, we can’t do it without your support.

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A vew across the water from Hernshead to the New York skyline